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A summertime salad that I never get tired of is Caprese Salad. My mom introduced this salad to me years ago, and it is bursting with flavor. When I had my son Luke, my mom came and stayed with me and I have vivid memories of sitting on the couch, nursing my newborn, watching Fixer Upper while she prepped these salads for us.

The ingredients are romaine lettuce, red onion, fresh mozzarella (I love the Galbani brand), basil, and tomato. My favorite dressing to use is Marie’s Balsamic Vinegrette (from someone who hates vinegar, this is a mild dressing). Then we always make a little crostini to add in at the last minute which is actual heaven when it’s still warm from being broiled.

It would be so easy to add grilled chicken breast or even steak to this salad for protein too.

A few other links + loves:

Do you know what causes dehydrated skin?

A really cute straw bag for summer!

I’m loving this eyelet dress, but I wish it came in pink!

This looks like a great basic v-neck tank for summertime.

I shared a bit about my adjustment to well water in our new house, and some strategies for not letting it ruin my hair!

A cozy pajama set.

I love a casual sandal like this one ( I have the leopard print ) for throwing on with anything from jeans and a tank to a summer dress.

If Covid-19 has derailed your wedding plans, and perhaps made you cancel with your makeup artist, I hope this tutorial helps!