Product Spotlight: Kitsch Pro No-Snag Elastic

Product Spotlight: Kitsch Pro No-Snag Elastic

kitsch pro elastics
Saving you from the messy bun, one elastic at a time

Perhaps the best $3 I ever spent at Ulta! In an attempt to get my mop out of the messy lockdown scrunchie bun (it’s threatening to become a permanent fixture on my head), I’ve been wearing a half-up, half-down pony using these black no-snag mini elastics by Kitsch Pro.

They’re small, thin black plastic hair ties with a flat edge and a slick finish that allows you to easily slip them into your hair to secure ponytails and braids. I’ve used this type of elastic before, and this is the only one that doesn’t pull or break any hairs as I’m putting my hair up or down in a ponytail. It won’t move for nothing, and you won’t end up with a handful of broken hairs when you take it out.

kitsch no snag elastics

Granted, they aren’t built to last… Each elastic is good for maybe two uses at the most, because they come out misshapen and useless, which is a bummer… I still like ’em though.

If your hair is on the thinner side, I think you might like them too. Or, if you live with little girls, they’d be great for tiny ponytails and braids.

Available in clear, brown and black, and a pack of 100 elastics is three bucks!

Your Friendly neighborhood beauty addict,