Summer Hair Problems + How To Solve Them!

Summer presents us with so many great things, but sometimes it can really negatively affect our hair! I asked Instagram to submit some common hair problems in the summertime, and here are just a few of them:

Problem One: The humidity is out of control and you need to have somewhat presentable hair.

Solution: There is a delicate balance of using *enough* product and too much product. For humidity fighting, try this if you have curly hair, or use this as the “final step” to your hairstyle!

If you are looking for a few ponytail-focused hair tutorials, here is a tutorial for a high pony, this is a really easy to do low, messy bun, and here is a simple low side braid!

Problem Two: Dry, straw-like texture especially around the ends of the hair (from regular damage or chlorine/saltwater/sun damage)

Solution: Don’t skimp on a weekly deep conditioner (focus it on mid-shaft to ends), and look for a serum to apply to your ends before blowing dry. I love the Healing Oil by Virtue, or the Pantene Damage Repair Overnight Restoring Serum (obviously ignoring the title and using it in the daytime too!).

Problem Three: Extra sweat from working out in hotter temperatures. My dry shampoo cannot keep up!

Solution: Don’t be afraid to blow dry the sweat after a workout. You can still apply dry shampoo, but use your blow dryer to help dry the hair faster (using cool air!) and to refresh the hair. You may also want to consider adding a little water to the edges of your hairline to dampen your hair before hitting it with the blow dryer. I have recently tried and REALLY love the new Bumble and Bumble Post-Workout Dry Shampoo Mist. It refreshes my hair even after the sweatiest ride on my Peloton.

Problem Four: Breakage from wearing it up in a ponytail all summer long.

Solution: I’ve been using hair ties from Gimme Beauty for a little while and absolutely love how well they hold my hair without being too tight to cause damage. Between those and the fabric version of the coiled hair ties (NEVER the silicone/rubbery feeling ones). The best thing you can do, though, to prevent breakage from your hair tie is to change up where you put your ponytail. Wear a low pony sometimes, or even throw it back in a braid if you’re able.

Problem Five: It’s too hot to blow it dry, I need an air-dry style that feels presentable!

Solution: The key to making air-dried hair not look totally lifeless is to make sure you are using texturizing or body-building products that don’t leave the hair feeling sticky. A cream-based product is best for this result! Something like this looks like a great option to add in some texture without added weight, plus the UV protection is a nice feature as well!

Problem Six: My blonde hair gets brassy from all the chlorine.

Solution: Usually this can be managed at home with regular purifying or clarifying shampoos plus a regular rotation of a purple shampoo to cut out orange tones (read this post for my recommendations). But, if you cannot adjust the color at home, go see your stylist. They may recommend an in-salon clarifying treatment to remove build-up that can cause brassiness.

Problem Seven: After spending time straightening my hair, it starts to frizz and bend as soon as I step outside.

Solution: Start by using a smoothing, frizz-fighting cream (like the Anti-Frizz Blowout Butter by Alterna) to help combat the frizz from the start. Then, after you style, apply a generous mist of a humidity-fighting aerosol like the Amika The Shield. Finally, it may help to bring a smoothing mist or serum with you in order to touch up mid-day. Frizz is hard to fight, for sure, but the right mix of products helps a lot. If you want to go the chemical route, I had a handful of clients who got regular Brazilian blowouts in the salon and loved them. It’s worth exploring!